Victory Chapel is a place where the Holy Spirit is free to reign.  We welcome you to "taste and see" the difference.  We worship, pray, teach, preach, and fellowship with one thing in mind, we want to be pleasing to the Spirit.  We want the Holy Spirit to feel at home and have control of us.  

Every service is different. We don't organize the Holy Spirit out of our service time but instead we allow Him to take control. We have been called "unique" and we wear that badge with pride. You will notice the difference in everything we do from the start to the finish. When we say "the leading of the Holy Spirit" we really mean what we say. The Spirit lives in all of us and we are the Body of Christ so it is expected that His Body would participate in worship, prayer, prophecy, teaching, exhortation, and ministry. While we believe in being decent and in order, we also believe that God is bigger than all of our plans.

Join us and experience the difference!
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